About Us

Morai was created with a view
of providing strategic ICT services and solutions to customers.

At Morai, we believe that technology on its own does not deliver solutions, understanding and satisfying business needs through the harnessing of the appropriate technology and partnerships does.  It is therefore our aim to more accurately understand these business needs before we respond with solutions, thus helping our customers to gain the competitive market edge.

To date, Morai has evolved to be one of the leading pressure technology groups that are pushing for early implementation of TVWS broadband technology in South Africa through commercial pilots for a start, in order to obtain immediate benefits of connectivity, benefits that will include reaching earlier those small underserviced communities in need of connectivity.

The TVWS network will utilise unused and unlicensed spectrum, also referred to as Wi-Fi from TV bands, to deliver affordable wireless broadband internet to connect remote and hard to reach hospitals, schools, clinics, libraries, post offices and other key government and municipal facilities that provide essential services to these communities. In so doing, this shall assist and compliment the South African government policy objectives of the S.A. Connect program, which is aimed at providing affordable broadband for all of its citizens in the most practical way.