The projects with which we have been involved.

2010 Fifa World Cup Diagram

FIFA Soccer World Cup

2009 - 2010

Morai subcontracted to Telecom180 as the South African Government Department of Communications’ (DOC) broadcast partner through Telkom, the South African fixed line operator together with Germany’s Media Broadcast in implementing the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, see project structure below.

Morai’s first undertaking was to provide 15 South African black candidates to go and be trained in Germany by Media Broadcast on the technical aspects of operating and running a FIFA World Cup network since they had just completed their own in 2006 FIFA Soccer World Cup in Germany. This was to prepare Morai Engineers for the 2009 FIFA Soccer Confederations Cup as a trial platform.

Telkom put up the a national STM-16 network including the network operation centre (NOC) for signal monitoring, the international breakout capacity on undersea cables SAT-3 and SAFE and Morai brought in the Medialinks broadcast termination equipment that was installed in all 10 South African FIFA World Cup Stadia and broadcast engineers to work with HBS, Media Broadcast and Telkom personnel at the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) and in all the 10 stadium venues.

MTN Logo


2011 - 2013

Morai conceptualised a turnkey IPTV Video On Demand (VOD) platform solution for MTN's 3G/LTE network and brought in a Cisco’s VideoScape platform and an EMC Isilon video content storage solution to build the network.

Morai trained 10 more engineers on Cisco (OTT headend, CDN), EMC (storage) and NDS (DRM).

This was to prepare Morai to support, maintain and operate this new Media and Entertainment platform on behalf of MTN during the trial/PoC.

The platform was subsequently commercially rolled out by other suppliers into the now defunct MTN FrontRow offering.


eTV Platco

2014 - 2015

Morai provided technical project management services to Platco. Projects executed include:-

The Openview HD SES satellite integration project with Sentech’s IS 20 satellite working with Cisco and the Headend, Uplink and IT departments for both Platco and Sentech.

Contributed to making enhancements for the DTT MHEG EIT profile specifications, UI Specifications, backhaul network specifications and the DTT Gap filler network

Platco Cape Town Headend and Uplink outstanding tasks completion and efficiency improvements projects.

Physical and network move of the Platco office from Bryanston to Hyde Park.